October 21, 2016
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thumbnail Nissan Awards More Than $90,000 in Grants Funding Innovative Learning Opportunities for Mississippi Students

Today Nissan and BankPlus will award 32 grants totaling $90,281 to fund creative educational projects taught by teachers in the Canton and Madison County school districts, which will each receive 16 grants. The Nissan/BankPlus Education Mini-Grant Program, administered by the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson, has awarded more than $650,000 to local schools since the program was created in 2007.

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thumbnail Nissan GT Academy 2016 International Race Camp Day 2: Silverstone

This week, 36 gamers descend on Silverstone hopeful of following in the footsteps of GT Academy stars Jann Mardenborough, Lucas Ordóñez and Bryan Heitkotter.

thumbnail FC Barcelona V. Manchester City FC Scientifically Proven as the Most Exciting UEFA Champions League Match of the Week

Following a thrilling week of UEFA Champions League group stage football, Nissan, the official global automotive sponsor of the competition, has revealed that FC Barcelona vs. Manchester City FC was the most exciting fixture, according to the Nissan Excitement Index.

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Renault-Nissan Alliance

thumbnail Renault-Nissan B.V. Senior Management Appointments Effective November 1, 2016

Véronique Sarlat-Depotte, Purchasing Alliance Global Senior Vice President & Deputy Managing Director of Renault Nissan Purchasing Organization (RNPO), is appointed today Purchasing Alliance Global Executive Vice President and Chairman & Managing Director of Renault Nissan Purchasing Organization , effective November 1st. She will replace Yasuhiro Yamauchi who is appointed Chief Competitive Officer, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

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thumbnail Nissan Strengthens Alliance With Acquisition of 34% Stake in Mitsubishi Motors
thumbnail Find Out More About Our Growing Family
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thumbnail DriveTime: A Weekly Video News Report (internal use only)
thumbnail A Message From Nissan Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn on Acquisition of Stake in Mitsubishi Motors
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10/20 - 10/21 ‘I Have ImpACT: Focus on Quality’ Event at NNA Headquarters
Franklin, Tenn.
11/1 - 11/4 SEMA Show
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11/7 FY2016 First Half Financial Results Announcement
11/7 - 11/18 Conference of Parties COP22
Marrakech, Morocco
11/14 - 11/27 Los Angeles Auto Show
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11/17 Latin Grammy Awards
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Nissan Clips

Nissan Formally Takes Controlling Stake in Mitsubishi Motors
The Wall Street Journal(subscription may be required)10/20/2016 — By Sean McLain

Nissan Motor Co. on Thursday completed its purchase of a controlling stake in scandal-hit Mitsubishi Motors Corp. for more than $2 billion, a deal aimed at boosting scale to take on the world’s top auto makers.

Ghosn Stakes Reputation on Mitsubishi Revival
Financial Times(subscription may be required)10/21/2016 — By Kana Inagaki

Even for Carlos Ghosn, the man dubbed "le cost killer" after overhauling Renault and saving Nissan from near collapse, leading three companies could be a dangerously bold stretch.

Nissan Takes Controlling Stake in Mitsubishi, Pledges Support for Turnaround
Reuters News10/20/2016 — By Naomi Tajitsu and Maki Shiraki

Nissan Motor Co Ltd (7201.T) said on Thursday it had completed a deal to take a controlling stake in Mitsubishi Motors Corp, and would be retaining the embattled automaker's chief executive in a bid to help it recover from a mileage cheating scandal.

Nissan-Renault CEO Ghosn to Chair Troubled Mitsubishi Motors
Associated Press10/20/2016

Carlos Ghosn, who heads Japan's Nissan Motor and Renault of France, will become chairman of Mitsubishi Motors, working to restore faith in the troubled automaker after a devastating mileage scandal.

Official: Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn Named Chairman of Mitsubishi
Automobile Magazine10/20/2016 — By Erick Ayapana

Mitsubishi today officially announced the appointment of Carlos Ghosn as chairman. The position was relinquished by Osamu Masuko, who remains president of the automaker. Nissan also finalized its deal to take a 34-percent stake in Mitsubishi, becoming its largest stakeholder.

Ghosn to Become Chairman of Mitsubishi Motors
Japan Times10/20/2016 — By Kazuaki Nagata

Nissan Motor Co. CEO Carlos Ghosn announced Thursday he will become chairman of Mitsubishi Motors Corp., vowing to help reform the struggling automaker.

Nissan Expects Big Payoff From Mitsubishi Motors Bet
Nikkei Asian Review10/20/2016 — By Sam Nussey and Shotaro Tani

Carlos Ghosn, chief executive of the Renault-Nissan alliance, sees big returns for Nissan Motor now that it has bailed out Mitsubishi Motors. On Thursday, it was formally announced that Ghosn would serve as Mitsubishi Motors' chairman, after Nissan completed a 237 billion-yen ($2.18 billion) acquisition of a 34% stake in Mitsubishi Motors.

Nissan-Mitsubishi Focuses on Green Tech and Southeast Asia
Nikkei Report10/21/2016

Nissan Motor seems to view green-vehicle technologies and a stepped-up presence in Southeast Asia as fruits of its new partnership with Mitsubishi Motors.

Nissan Takes Control of Mitsubishi With Ghosn as Chairman
Automotive News(subscription may be required)10/20/2016 — By Hans Greimel

Carlos Ghosn officially folded troubled Mitsubishi Motors into the Renault-Nissan alliance and appointed himself chairman, forecasting nearly half a billion dollars in savings as soon as next year as the group joins a small club of automakers operating at a massive scale.

Nissan Officially Takes Control of Mitsubishi

Carlos Ghosn officially folded troubled Mitsubishi Motors into the Renault-Nissan alliance and appointed himself chairman, forecasting nearly half a billion dollars in savings as soon as next year as the group joins a small club of automakers operating at a massive scale.

Official: Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn Named Chairman of Mitsubishi
Motor Trend10/20/2016 — By Erick Ayapana

Mitsubishi today officially announced the appointment of Carlos Ghosn as chairman. The position was relinquished by Osamu Masuko, who remains president of the automaker. Nissan also finalized its deal to take a 34-percent stake in Mitsubishi, becoming its largest stakeholder.

Nissan Acquires 34 Percent Controlling Stake in Mitsubishi
CNet10/20/2016 — By Andrew Krok

Back in May, Nissan announced its decision to purchase a 34 percent controlling stake in Mitsubishi Motors. Only now has the deal been finalized, and with Mitsubishi now part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, it's time to turn Mitsubishi's frowns upside down.

Nissan-Renault's Purchase of Mitsubishi is Officially Official
AutoBlog.com10/20/2016 — By Joel Stocksdale

After the company's announcement in May, the Nissan-Renault Alliance's purchase of a 34 percent stake in Mitsubishi is now official. The company explained that this new partnership will manifest itself in shared vehicle platforms and technology, joint purchasing, and shared manufacturing. Nissan also said that this purchase will make the company one of the three largest companies by volume in the world.

Nissan Completes Acquisition of 34-percent Stake in Mitsubishi
Digital Trends10/20/2016 — By Stephen Edelstein

It’s official: Nissan is now the largest shareholder of Mitsubishi Motors, the beleaguered carmaker whose fortunes slid further into the gutter earlier this year when officials admitted that the company cheated on fuel-economy tests in its home country of Japan.

Renault Nissan to Be a Top 3 Automaker Following Successful Acquisition of Mitsubishi
Motor Authority10/20/2016 — By Viknesh Vijayenthiran

Nissan on Thursday announced the successful acquisition of a 34 percent stake in fellow Japanese automaker Mitsubishi.

Nissan Completes Mitsubishi Acquisition; Ghosn Takes the Helm
Blog: Leftlanenews.com10/20/2016 — By Justin King

Nissan has completed its acquisition of a controlling stake in Mitsubishi Motors, allowing the beleaguered automaker to join the Renault-Nissan Alliance as it moves forward from a fuel-efficiency exaggeration scandal.

With 34% Stake Nissan Adds Mitsubishi Motors To Alliance, Ghosn New Chairman – Video
Blog: Inside EVs10/20/2016 — By Jay Cole

Today is the day that Mitsubishi Motors is officially absorbed by Nissan, as the company has closed on a 34% ownership (and controlling stake) in the Japanese auto maker. And as such, car-boss extraordinaire Carlos Ghosn adds another major vehicle manufacturer under his control in the Alliance to his resume, as he will now takeover the Chairman duties at Mitsubishi.

Ghosn to Add New Duties as Chairman of Mitsubishi
The Detroit Bureau10/20/2016 — By Paul A. Eisenstein

Already serving as the CEO of both French automaker Renault, as well as its Japanese alliance partner Nissan, Carlos Ghosn will now become chairman of embattled automaker Mitsubishi. It will put the Brazilian-born executive in a familiar role. He became chief operating officer at Nissan in 1999, following a $6 billion investment by Renault, and helped turned the then-struggling Japanese company around. Following a series of scandals, Mitsubishi now needs similar help.

Nissan, Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn Takes Control of Mitsubishi Motors
United Press International10/20/2016 — By Amy R. Connolly

Carlos Ghosn, head of Nissan Motors and Renault, will become chairman of Mitsubishi Motors Corp. to help the faltering automaker get back on track after a fuel-economy rigging scandal.

Nissan-Renault Boss Ghosn Becomes Mitsubishi Chairman
The Daily Telegraph (London)10/20/2016 — By Alan Tovey

Scandal-hit Mitsubishi is to get a new chairman in the form of Carlos Ghosn, the boss of the Nissan-Renault alliance. Mr Ghosn has been nominated for the top job after Nissan took a 34pc stake in in Mitsubishi, which has been rocked after it admitted falsifying fuel consumption.

Nissan Completes Acquisition Of 34% Stake In Mitsubishi Motors
The Motor Report (Australia)10/21/2016 — By Kez Casey

Following an official announcement from Nissan in May regarding an alliance between itself and Mitsubishi Motors, the newly combined Japanese automakers have confirmed that Nissan has taken over a 34 percent equity stake in Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi Motors Joins the Renault-Nissan Alliance – Carlos Ghosn Named as Chairman-elect of MMC
Paul Tan's Automotive News (Malaysia)10/21/2016 — By Anthony Lim

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has announced that Nissan has become its largest shareholder following the completion of the purchase of a 34% stake in MMC for 237 billion yen. It was also announced that the brand will join the 17-year strong Nissan-Renault Alliance as a full member, paving the way for future growth. The assimilation of MMC into the fold now makes the alliance the world’s third-largest automotive group.

Nissan Officially Behind The Wheel At Mitsubishi

Nissan Motor Co. Thursday said it completed a deal to acquire a controlling stake in Mitsubishi Motors Corp. for $2.3 billion. Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn will take over as chairman of the beleaguered automaker to turn around the company that was recently marred with a mileage cheating scandal.

It's Official: Nissan Acquires 34% Stake In Mitsubishi, Carlos Ghosn Proposed As Chairman
Carscoops.com (Switzerland)10/20/2016 — By Cristian Gnaticov

After the troubling fuel economy crisis that shook Mitsubishi Motors earlier this year, the small Japanese automaker has been taken under Nissan's wing, with the latter acquiring a 34 percent equity stake.

CES 2017: Nissan Will Show Its Automotive Vision Of The Future
I4U10/20/2016 — By M. Affan

Nissan is finally coming to CES 2017. The car giant will make its debut at the CES platform by talking about its vision of the future. Nissan CEO and Chairman Carlos Ghosn will take the stage at the event in Las Vegas to deliver a keynote.

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Zero-emission Clips

Update - Tesla Sets Price for Self-Driving Feature, Lays Groundwork for Ride-Hailing Service
The Wall Street Journal Online(subscription may be required)10/20/2016 — By Tim Higgins

Tesla Motors Inc. set its retail price for the option that would allow a car to drive fully autonomously at $8,000, and hinted that those who paid it would be able to offset the cost through a ride-hailing network that would compete with Uber Technologies Inc. and Lyft Inc.

Teslas Will Be Able to Drive Themselves Cross Country by End of 2017
Silicon Valley Business Journal10/20/2016 — By Gina Hall

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said Wednesday that Tesla vehicles will be capable of traveling autonomously from Los Angeles to New York by the end of 2017 without “a single touch.” Earlier this year, Musk said that feat wouldn’t be possible until 2018.

Here’s the Key Phrase From Tesla’s Auto-Pilot Announcement
Barron's Online10/20/2016 — By Alex Eule

Self-driving cars are a noble goal, but they’re going to require far more than cool technology. Tesla conceded as much last night... After explaining the many cool features of its fully autonomous car -- set for launch next year -- Tesla explains: “It is not possible to know exactly when each element of the functionality described above will be available, as this is highly dependent on local regulatory approval.”

Tesla Doubles-Down on Self-Driving Technology
TheStreet10/20/2016 — By Giovanni Bruno

On Wednesday at 12:30 PM EDT Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that an announcement regarding his automotive company would be forthcoming. What the CEO unveiled yesterday was that Tesla would be building Hardware 2 generation self-driving technology into all of its vehicles, even ones scheduled to ship this week.

Can Tesla Sell 500,000 Cars A Year?
24x7 Wall St.10/20/2016 — By Douglas A. McIntyre

Shadowing the Tesla Motors Inc. installation of self-driving car systems into the company’s vehicles are the facts that Tesla has said it cannot deliver its Model 3 until mid-2018, this firm’s need for money and a claim that the manufacturer can sell 500,000 cars a year by 2018.

Watch a Tesla Drive Itself Through Busy Streets, Wait at Intersections and Park
MarketWatch10/20/2016 — By Shawn Langlois

Elon Musk on Wednesday promised all prospective Tesla buyers that their new electric ride will be fully equipped — just equipped, not activated — with all the hardware needed to drive itself... And on Thursday morning, he showed off that technology with a new four-minute video of a Tesla navigating through busy city streets, stopping at intersections and finding a parking spot.

Another Chinese Car Company Tries to Unveil a Tesla Fighter
AutoGuide.com10/20/2016 — By Jodi Lai

Last night in California, as Tesla was making a big announcement, Chinese tech company LeEco tried to unveil its own Tesla-fighter in the American automaker’s own backyard.

Poland's PKN to Unveil New Strategy in December
Reuters News10/20/2016 — By Agnieszka Barteczko

Poland's biggest oil refiner PKN Orlen plans to diversify into projects such as electric cars, its chief financial officer said on Thursday, adding details would be unveiled in new strategy in December.

VW's $10-billion Settlement Could Eliminate Any Need for a TDI Fix
AutoBlog.com10/20/2016 — By Danny King

When it comes to addressing Volkswagen's diesel-emissions scandal that broke last September, some would say Europe's largest automaker has proposed to merely throw money at the problem. And that may be just fine for at least one US district court judge in San Francisco. Because there may not be an alternative solution.

Faraday Future Set to Reveal First Car at CES
The Detroit Bureau10/20/2016 — By Paul A. Eisenstein

Tesla Motors isn’t the only automotive upstart attempting to make news about electric and autonomous vehicles. Several potential competitors have their own, futuristic models to reveal – though, as Chinese-owned LeEco demonstrated Wednesday, there are plenty of pitfalls along the path. With billionaire investor Jia Yueting on hand for a public unveiling in San Francisco, LeEco’s event went off the rails when the LeSee, its prototype autonomous electric vehicle, couldn’t drive down the runway, forcing Jia to run down the ramp on his own.

Faraday Future's Production Car to Debut at CES
Blog: Leftlanenews.com10/20/2016 — By Justin King

Faraday Future has apparently confirmed plans to unveil its first production vehicle early next year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Electric Toyota Aygo In The Works?
Blog: Inside EVs10/20/2016 — By Mark Kane

According to media reports, the next generation of Toyota Aygo could be all-electric.

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Manufacturing Clips

Nissan Motor to Decide in Nov. Whether to Build New Qashqai in Sunderland, UK - CEO
The Wall Street Journal(subscription may be required)10/21/2016 — By Sean McLain

Nissan Motors Co. will decide whether to build the new Qashqai SUV at its U.K. plant next month, Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn said on Friday.

Nissan Confronts Post-Brexit Reality With SUV Plant Decision
Bloomberg10/21/2016 — By Jie Ma

Nissan Motor Co., the U.K.’s top auto producer, will decide next month whether to continue producing one of its best-selling vehicles in the country preparing to leave the European Union.

Nissan Recalls Versa to Replace Side Curtain Airbags
Blog: Leftlanenews.com10/20/2016 — By Justin King

Nissan is preparing to replace side curtain airbags in 1,754 Nissan Versa sedans sold in the US market.

Hyundai Recalls Sonata Because Sunroof Could Fly Off
USA Today10/21/2016 — By Nathan Bomey and USA TODAY

Hyundai launched a recall for 62,811 units of the Sonata after discovering that the mid-size car's panoramic sunroof could fly off in traffic and careen into other vehicles. The Korean automaker said it was not aware of any crashes or injuries that have occurred because of the defect.

Hyundai Recalls Sonata for Spontaneously Separating Sunroofs
Blog: Leftlanenews.com10/20/2016 — By Byron Hurd

If you're the type to follow a bit too close on the highway, you may want to take heed; the National Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced that Hyundai has agreed to a voluntary recall campaign for its new Sonata and Sonata Hybrid sedans due to a rather spectacular defect--panoramic sunroofs that can spontaneously separate at speed.

BRIEF-Toyota to Invest $165 Mln in Poland by 2018
Reuters News10/20/2016 — By Marcin Goclowski

Toyota plans to invest a total of 650 million zlotys ($165.24 million) by 2018 in new production lines at its Polish plants, the Polish government said on Thursday.

Toyota to Produce Hybrid Transaxle and New Petrol Engines in Poland
Automotive World10/20/2016

Toyota Motor Europe announced today that it will start production of a hybrid transaxle in 2018 at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland (TMMP) in Walbrzych, and add two petrol engines – a 1.5L in 2017 and a 2.0L in 2019 — at Toyota Motor Industries, Poland (TMIP) in Jelcz-Laskowice. Combined, the new projects represent an additional investment of approximately 150 million euros, bringing the total investment to-date of Toyota’s manufacturing operations in Poland to over 950 million euros since operations started in 2002.

US Confirms 11th Death Due to Takata Air Bags
Associated Press10/21/2016 — By Tom Krisher and Dee-Ann Durbin

A 50-year-old woman who died after a car wreck last month in California is the 11th U.S. victim of Takata Corp.'s defective air bag inflators... The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirmed the woman's death on Thursday but didn't release her name. Up to five people also may have been killed by the air bags in Malaysia, bringing the number of deaths globally to as many as 16.

VW Diesel Settlement and Buyback Program Nears Final Approval
AutoWeek10/20/2016 — By Jay Ramey

U.S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer, who has been presiding over the diesel settlement proceedings between VW, several federal agencies and a class of almost 500,000 plaintiffs, indicated that his court is likely to approve the $10.03 billion settlement as presented. The court will decide by October 25 whether the settlement and the buyback process will proceed as stipulated by the parties, starting the process of purchasing back 85 percent of the affected Volkswagen and Audi models from nearly half a million owners.

VW Labor Leaders Warn Negotiations May 'collapse'
Blog: Leftlanenews.com10/20/2016 — By Justin King

Negotiations between Volkswagen and its labor leaders may have hit a snag, according to a works-council letter distributed to employees.

Unifor Strike Deadline Set With Ford Motor Co.
CBC News10/20/2016

Unifor has set its strike deadline in contract negotiations with Ford Motor Co. for 11:59 p.m. Oct 31.

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Industry Clips

Daimler Profit Lifted by E-Class Model Sales
The Wall Street Journal(subscription may be required)10/21/2016 — By William Boston

Daimler AG, the German luxury car maker, Friday reported sharply higher profit in the three months to the end of September, driven by strong sales of its new E-class models, sport-utility vehicles and positive currency effects.

Chevy Shows Tricked Out Cruze, Malibu at SEMA
Detroit Free Press10/21/2016 — By Greg Gardner

Chevrolet today unveiled two accessorized versions of its Malibu and Cruze RS hatchback that will be displayed at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas beginning Nov. 1.

Group 1 Automotive Posts 3Q Earnings
Houston Chronicle10/21/2016 — By Katherine Blunt

Group 1 Automotive's earnings tumbled in the third quarter, missing analysts' projections as the slump in oil prices continues to dampen new vehicles sales in the Houston area and elsewhere in the U.S.

Auto Dealers’ Shares Fall as Slowing Demand Crimps Earnings
Bloomberg10/20/2016 — By Jamie Butters

Group 1 Automotive Inc. plunged the most in more than six years after the dealership operator posted earnings that fell short of analysts’ estimates, leading shares of vehicle retailers lower amid waning U.S. demand for new cars and trucks.

VW Said to Target $4 Billion in Cost Cuts at Namesake Brand
Bloomberg10/20/2016 — By Christoph Rauwald

Volkswagen AG plans to cut 3.7 billion euros ($4 billion) in costs at its namesake VW car brand by the end of 2020 to shore up profitability and safeguard investment in future vehicle technology, according to people familiar with the matter.

Right Time for Prime
WardsAuto.com10/20/2016 — By Christie Schweinsberg

Like the liftback, the Prime is underpinned by Toyota’s new global platform, TNGA, giving the plug-in the same 60% torsional rigidity and double-wishbone rear suspension as the liftback, which Toyota says makes the car more stable in spirited driving... The Prime is nearly 300 lbs. (136 kg) heavier than the liftback, but hundreds of pounds lighter than the Volt and midsize-sedan PHEVs the Hyundai Sonata and Ford Fusion Energi. To limit the impact of the bigger battery pack, Toyota uses a carbon-fiber liftgate on the Prime, its most complicated carbon-fiber piece yet, Prime Chief Engineer Koji Toyoshima says.

Ford Dealers to Offer 'tyre Hotel' Service With Winter Tyre Fitment
Fleet News10/20/2016

Ford is to offer a 'tyre hotel' summer tyre storage package, when customers change to winter tyres.

Toyota's Tie-up With Suzuki Could Reverberate Far Beyond India
Nikkei Report10/21/2016 — By Takafumi Hotta

The automaking alliance between Toyota Motor and Suzuki Motor could lead to a major overhaul of Toyota's approach in India -- one that shapes its future strategy for all emerging markets... Given the strategic challenges the automakers face, the partnership appears to make good sense for both.

How Ford Is Solving Problems Using Data And Analytics
Blog: Ford Authority10/20/2016 — By Aaron Birch

Previously, Ford Motor Company had a whole range of different data and analytics teams, as most companies likely do: one for manufacturing, one for sales and marketing, one for mobility, and so on... But in late-2014, Ford decided that there might be some advantages to centralizing the automaker’s data and analytics efforts, creating a single Global Data Insight and Analytics team that sees to the effective collection, interpretation, and usage of data across all aspects of the business.

Volkswagen Golf: New Model to Be Safer Than Ever
Auto123.com10/20/2016 — By Guillaume Rivard

The countdown to the world premiere of the significantly updated Volkswagen Golf has begun, and it continues today with the German automaker focusing on the various safety technologies its popular compact has helped democratize since 1974.