September 26, 2016
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thumbnail 2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO: Pricing Announced at U.S. Debut

Nissan today announced pricing of $174,9901 USD for the new 2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO in conjunction with its North American debut at the Japanese Classic Car Show at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. The annual JCCS is regarded as the largest gathering of Japanese heritage enthusiasts in the country and attracts nearly 400 private heritage cars and more than 7,000 spectators.

thumbnail Nissan Announces U.S. Pricing for 2017 Sentra

Nissan today announced U.S. pricing for the 2017 Nissan Sentra and new Sentra SR Turbo. Normally aspirated Sentra models are on sale now at Nissan dealers nationwide, while the new SR Turbo becomes available in October.

thumbnail Two Victories and the Title for Xavier Coupal

The 2016 season of the Nissan Micra Cup came to an end this weekend at the Circuit Mont-Tremblant as part of the Fall Classic, attracting thousands of spectators. Under sunny autumn skies, they were treated to two spectacular races, both won by Xavier Coupal, who earned the first title of his career in this, the second season of the Nissan Micra Cup.

thumbnail INFOGRAPHICS: INFINITI Direct Adaptive Steering (DAS) and Dynamic Digital Suspension (DDS)

The second-generation of INFINITI’s world-first Direct Adaptive Steering (DAS) is an advanced “steer-by-wire” system. In its second generation, it has been developed to enhance steering feel and feedback even further without compromising comfort. The INFINITI Q60 features an all-new electronic suspension system, Dynamic Digital Suspension (DDS), which monitors the vehicle’s body roll, pitch and bounce rate to deliver a secure ride by reducing unwanted steering feel and vibrations.

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thumbnail Nissan Patrol Comes to Rhinos’ Rescue in South Africa

The South African black and white rhino population needs all the help it can get against the threat of wildlife poaching. Aware of the plight of these endangered species, Nissan South Africa has donated a Nissan Patrol 4x4 to the Pilansberg National Park's rhino protection unit to help monitor large areas of the 550km² park.

thumbnail Challenge + Craftsmanship = Nissanness -- An Interview With Catherine Perez, Vice President, Program Management Office

Catherine Perez joined Renault in 1995 and has worked for Nissan since 2000. She has worked in Europe, North America and Japan in positions including RNPO and others. She is now Vice President, Program Director for B Segment, based in NML. Perez VP is responsible for the new Nissan Kicks, current Micra, Versa, Note and Juke and the new generations of these vehicles. These models will represent 1.5M cars per year from 2018.

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Renault-Nissan Alliance

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thumbnail IDS Concept is on Display at Nissan's New Flagship Gallery in Tokyo
thumbnail 4x Title-Winning IMSA Legend Geoff Brabham Looks Back at the Legendary Nissan GTP ZX Available to Race on IRacing
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thumbnail 2017 Nissan TITAN XD: Easy Towing
thumbnail #NissanGivesLife: The Photographer’s Story
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9/19 - 10/1 Infiniti Q60 Global Media Test Drive
San Diego
9/22 - 9/29 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles
Hannover, Germany
9/30 - 10/23 State Fair of Texas
Dallas, Texas
10/1 - 10/16 Paris Auto Show (Mondial de l'Automobile)
10/2 F1 Malaysia Grand Prix
10/9 F1 Japanese Grand Prix
10/14 - 10/15 2016 Z Nationals

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Nissan Clips

A Famous Tokyo Landmark Returns As Nissan Reclaims The Heart Of Ginza
Forbes Online09/23/2016 — By Bertel Schmitt

Nissan’s Ginza Gallery is reborn as “Nissan Crossing,” and in a shrewd marketing move, the Japanese automaker lays claim to the whole square, while paying rent for only 2 floors of the building. This morning, the building could be previewed by the press. Starting tomorrow, it will be open for a public that had to be kept away all day today by a phalanx of guards.

Nissan Returns to Japan's Most Exclusive Address
Automotive News(subscription may be required)09/23/2016 — By Hans Greimel

Nissan Motor Co.’s flagship showroom has returned to Japan’s most exclusive, priciest address -- Tokyo’s glitzy Ginza district, flush with department stores and geisha clubs.

Meet the Driving Force Behind Nissan's North American Push
The Tennessean09/23/2016 — By Lizzy Alfs

Jose Munoz follows a basic principle in business: You grow or you go... As the ambitious chairman of Nissan North America, Munoz has found himself on the “grow” side of his tagline since he joined the Japanese automaker 12 years ago as the general manager of dealer network development at Nissan Europe... The Madrid native spent years rising through Nissan’s ranks and now he’s determinedly marching toward a goal set forth by Nissan Motor Co. CEO Carlos Ghosn: to achieve 10 percent U.S. market share by March 31.

Nissan Makes the Most of Miami Show
Automotive News(subscription may be required)09/26/2016 — By Vince Bond Jr.

Nissan felt Miami was an ideal spot to reveal the Rogue because it's a prime market to reach Hispanic buyers.

A Gift Horse: 2017 Nissan Sentra SR Turbo
AutoBlog.com09/23/2016 — By Brad Ysseldyke

Let's get the important bits out of the way - The SR Turbo lifts the rather excellent powertrain from the Juke, good for 188 BHP and 177 lb/ft of torque, and puts it straight into a car that has desperately needed a power bump for years. Nissan even brought along the six-speed manual, preventing the proverbial knee cap that so many brands normally choose to do. They even went about giving the Sentra a chassis that might be worth writing home about - Bigger brakes, firmer springs, and better damping rates front and rear, all topped off with more steering feel. Its almost as though Nissan knew what they were doing.

Nissan Announces 2017 Sentra SR Turbo Prices for the U.S.
InAutoNews09/26/2016 — By Aurel Niculescu

The 2017 Nissan Sentra SR Turbo can be had for at least $22,825 in the United States, where it uses a 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder packing 188 horsepower.

Nissan Sentra Gets Another Price Bump for 2017
Blog: Leftlanenews.com09/23/2016 — By Justin King

Nissan has increased the Sentra's base price for the second year in a row. The entry-level Sentra S package now starts at $17,825 (including $835 freight), representing an increase of $210 over the 2016 edition and $460 above the 2015 model.

US Prices Are in for the 2017 Nissan GT-R Nismo, Costing $174,99
InAutoNews09/26/2016 — By Aurel Niculescu

The Japanese supercar is not cheap, though its most circuit-prone version does have a slew of novelties – including better aerodynamics, improved handling and even more power.

Nissan GT-R Track Edition Unveiled For Europe

Despite selling it for nine years, Nissan does not seem to have exhausted the tuning potential of its supercar-beating GT-R. A new motorsports-special engineered by NISMO, dubbed the GT-R Track Edition, will hit European roads by November.

Nissan GT-R Heritage Exhibition at ETCM’s KL HQ
Paul Tan's Automotive News (Malaysia)09/26/2016 — By Danny Tan

The display, which will be open to all till October 2, celebrates Nissan’s performance icon, the GT-R. Present are the R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R R33, R34 Skyline GT-R and of course, the R35 GT-R. The most interesting of the lot is the R34, which is one of 250 limited edition units of the “M Spec Nur” variant.

Nissan Micra Cup: Grand Finale for 2016 Runs This Weekend at Mont-Tremblant

Launched on May 14th of this year, the second Nissan Micra Cup season has been a rollercoaster of emotions for the drivers, the teams, and the thousands of spectators that have followed this exciting season, which is now coming to a close. The final two races of the season will take place next weekend in Quebec at the Circuit Mont-Tremblant, and will decide the drivers’ championship title. Two Quebeckers and one Albertan make up the three candidates that are in contention for the prestigious trophy.

Nissan Scores With High Schools
Exhausted.ca09/22/2016 — By Harry Pegg

Students in 26 high schools in 24 cities and eight provinces are getting a real kick out of Nissan Canada. The company has scored again with the official launch of its third annual Nissan Kickoff Project which provides funding and support to struggling high school football programs.

Nissan Terrano AMT to Be Launched in November
International Business Times (India)09/23/2016 — By Greeshma M

Japanese car-maker Nissan is reportedly set to launch the automated manual transmission (AMT) variant of its SUV, Terrano, in India in November. The Terrano AMT has been rumoured for the Indian market since the entry of the Renault Duster AMT.

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Infiniti Clips

These Entry-level Luxury Crossovers Offer Affordable style (Canada)09/16/2016 — By Graeme Fletcher

On the last three Fridays of every month, Graeme Fletcher combines manufacturers’ incentives from with resale value, dependability and overall ratings to find you the best deal for your money in new cars. This week, we look at near-luxury crossovers. The hot deals are on the 2016 Acura RDX AWD, 2016 Lexus NX 200t AWD and 2017 Infiniti QX30 front-drive. Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $41,990 Acura Canada Incentive*: $2,655 Unhaggle Savings: $1,000 Total Savings: $3,655 Mandatory Fees (Freight, Govt. Fees): $2,185 Total Before Tax: $40,520

OpenRoad Hosts Infiniti Bash
AutoSphere (Montreal, Canada)09/22/2016 — By Jack Kazmierski

Launch of new Q60 and QX30 draws a big crowd. OpenRoad Infiniti Langley drew record crowds at the launch of the new 2017 Infiniti Q60 and QX30 models on September 14th. Close to 200 guests attended the event.

Infiniti Bringing Out All-New Connected Services With Q60 Sports Coupe (Switzerland)09/23/2016 — By Sergiu Tudose

Infiniti is set to launch their new 'Infiniti InTouch Services' alongside the new Q60 sports coupe, expected to hit European markets soon.

AMG Competitor No Time Soon: Infiniti — By Matt Brogandd

Infiniti’s new 298kW twin-turbo V6-powered Q60 Coupe already pushes the brand’s performance focus towards high-powered German rivals like the BMW 440i and Mercedes-AMG C 43.

Infiniti Kills the Convertible — By Matt Brogan

Nissan luxury brand Infiniti will release its newest mid-size sports car, the Q60 Coupe without a convertible model in the range for the first time in 14 years.

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Datsun Clips

No Datsun Clips stories for September 26, 2016
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Zero-emission Clips

Review: Nissan Leaf Now Goes Farther -- but Needs More
USA Today09/25/2016 — By Chris Woodyard

As a daily commuter, the Leaf works fine for people who rarely deviate from their home-to-work-to-shopping routine. But we found ourselves suffering from dreaded "range anxiety" when we drove 95 miles last Saturday to get to two events and back home. Yes, the range on our test model was 107 miles, but no reasonable driver is going to press it to the limit out of fear of being stranded.

Nissan's New Electric Hatchback Will Be The Leaf's Little Brother: New Autonomous Cars Coming Soon?
Auto World News09/26/2016 — By Sovan Mandal

Nissan said it is actively contemplating launching an SUV and crossover along with a new "B" segment supermini to further augment its EV range.

2016 Toyota Mirai: A Fuel Cell Phenom Hits the Road Running
Los Angeles Times(subscription may be required)09/23/2016 — By Charles Fleming

The Mirai is powered by an electric motor, but unlike the plug-in Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf or Chevy Bolt, the Mirai’s energy is stored not in a battery but in a tank of hydrogen... Under the hood, the hydrogen runs through a fuel stack, is mixed with oxygen, and produces the electricity that runs the motor. The only tailpipe emission is water vapor, so the Mirai doesn’t even have a tailpipe.

Toyota Cuts Mirai Lease Price to Help Build Awareness
WardsAuto.com09/23/2016 — By Christie Schweinsberg

Toyota says reducing the monthly lease payment of its Mirai hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicle should help build awareness and boost purchase consideration for the nearly 1-year-old car... “I think we felt like we needed to make an adjustment. Our evaluation was it would be a little bit helpful to have a more affordable payment,” Bill Fay, group vice president-Toyota Div., says here at a media preview of select ’17 Toyota models.

Tesla Takes Michigan Governor, Other Officials to Court Over Sales Ban
CNet09/23/2016 — By Andrew Krok

Making thinly veiled legal threats is an American pastime -- ask anyone who's ended up in a fender bender with a lawyer. Tesla's taken it one step further: After being rejected for a dealer license in Michigan, the company is suing several top officials in the state.

Tesla Sues Michigan Over Ban on Direct Sales of Its Electric Cars
Green Car Reports09/23/2016 — By John Voelcker

On Thursday, Tesla Motors sued the state of Michigan, challenging its franchise law as unconstitutional, according to The Detroit News. It's a different tack from previous suits filed in various states where dealership lobbyists have convinced legislators to pass laws ensuring that only dealers may sell cars to buyers.

Tesla Sues Michigan for the Right to Sell Cars: is This the End of Franchise Laws?
The Car Connection09/23/2016 — By Richard Read

The gloves have been loosening for years, and now, they've finally come off: Tesla Motors is preparing to throw punches in the courtroom as it sues Michigan for the right to sell cars. If the company makes its case successfully, it could have implications far beyond the borders of the Wolverine State.

Tesla Model 3 To Sport Next-Gen 100D Battery Pack
I4U09/23/2016 — By M. Affan

Tesla Model 3 was ordered by 150,000 customers in the first 24 hours after it was available for pre-orders and it might sport an enhanced battery codenamed 100D.

This Modified Tesla Model S Racecar is Living Proof That Electric is King
Boy Genius Report09/23/2016 — By Chris Mills

Tesla might ever-so-slowly be taking over the highways, but the thrill of driving, that “wind in your hair” freedom that Jeremy Clarkson talks about still belongs to the internal combustion engine, right?

One Trader’s Plan to Make $12.6 Million by Betting on Tesla
CNBC.com09/23/2016 — By Alex Rosenberg

One trader may have devised a way to make millions of dollars in just a month by speculating on shares of Tesla... On Thursday morning, while Tesla was trading around $204, one trader appeared to spend $1.3 million on a bet that the stock would rally 15 percent in a month's time. And while the risk is defined at the amount spent, the trader could score a windfall of $12.6 million should Tesla see a big rally in the month ahead.

Here’s What’s New With Tesla 8.0 Software Update
Motor Authority09/23/2016 — By Viknesh Vijayenthiran

Tesla on Wednesday started beaming out its version 8.0 over-the-air software update to its customers’ Model S and Model X vehicles... As the company outlined in a September 11 blog post, the update changes hundreds of functions in the vehicles, the most important of which have to do with the semi-autonomous Autopilot system.

GM Vs Tesla — Who Will Reach 200,000 US Electric Car Sales 1st?
Clean Technica09/23/2016 — By Steve Cummings

Sometime in early 2018, the EV community in the U.S. will buzz about the specific clauses in the Internal Revenue Service section code IRC 30D, better known as the “Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit.” That’s the code that allows for up to $7,500 off on federal taxes for the purchase of a new electric vehicle. It’s one that has a “sunset” clause that is specific to each vehicle manufacturer’s success. Once each manufacturer (OEM) reaches 200,000 cumulative U.S. sales of all of its EVs (from 2010 onward) the phaseout process begins. So, the more EVs an OEM sells, the quicker the credit will sunset. That mean the OEM that wins, is first to lose, but has actually won (because of their success)... Who will be first and when? That’s the $1.5-billion question, but it’ll likely be a horserace between Tesla and General Motors.

GM Will Use EV Batteries to Store Renewable Energy
Design News09/23/2016 — By Charles Murray

General Motors’ growing commitment to electric cars took a new turn last week, as the giant automaker said it would use EV batteries in the future to help boost its use of renewable energy.

VW Electric Concept Looks Like a Tesla Crossed With a BMW I3
AutoBlog.com09/23/2016 — By Joel Patel

Volkswagen is moving toward electric vehicles and plans to use next week's Paris Motor Show as the place to preview its upcoming EV. Earlier this month, VW released its first teaser images of the vehicle and now, the automaker published some revealing sketches.

VW Releases Some Sketchy Pictures of Its 300-mile Parisian EV Concept
CNet09/23/2016 — By Andrew Krok

Volkswagen has released new design sketches that give us a few more hints at the automaker's new long-range EV concept, adding to the three computer-generated images we saw last week.

VW Teases New Electric Car in First Sketches
Top Gear (US)09/23/2016 — By Ben Custard

Meet VW’s latest concept car. Well, some drawings of it. It’s an all-electric ‘design study,’ set to influence the looks of future Volkswagen models, while giving us an idea of how important electrification will be to them.

Volkswagen EV Previewed in New Sketches Ahead of Debut
AutoGuide.com09/23/2016 — By Jason Siu

There’s a new Volkswagen EV debuting later this month, and these sketches give us a better idea of what to expect.

Volkswagen Electric Vehicle Shown in New Design Sketches
Autocar (UK)09/23/2016 — By Jimi Beckwith

Volkswagen has shown its upcoming electric model in a series of revealing sketches ahead of its debut at the Paris motor show. The EV, which will be revealed next week, is a five-door hatchback with sliding rear passenger doors.

Groundbreaking EV Technology

In the electric and hybrid vehicle sector, these days technology seems to be moving faster than the latest supercar.

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Manufacturing Clips

U.S. Auto Safety Agency Releases Takata Defect Reports
Reuters News09/23/2016

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Friday released a series of reports into Takata Corp's defective air bag inflators linked to at least 14 deaths and more than 100 injuries that have sparked the largest ever auto recall.

Update - Takata Report Focuses Air Bag Responsibility on U.S. Arm
Reuters News09/23/2016 — By David Shepardson and Paul Lienert

Japanese supplier Takata Corp said its U.S. arm, not the parent company, was largely responsible for designing, testing and producing tens of millions of defective air bag inflators, according to an internal report released on Friday by U.S. safety regulators.

VW's MAN to Cut 1,400 Jobs at Diesel-engine Unit
Reuters News09/23/2016

Volkswagen's MAN division plans to cut 1,400 jobs at its diesel-engine unit with the goal of improving cost savings by more than 450 million euros ($504.23 million).

Toyota West Virginia Plant Marks 20 Years, Gets Another $400m
Just-Auto09/23/2016 — By Graeme Roberts

Toyota has marked 20 years of West Virginia plant production with the announcement of a US$400m spend at the powertrain factory.

Norway Tesla Owners Unhappy With Power-disclosure Settlement
AutoBlog.com09/23/2016 — By Danny King

That $6,000 that a bunch of Tesla owners in Norway are slated to each receive over allegations that the automaker overstated horsepower figures? Well, that may not be enough to satisfy those owners, Electrek says. And that's even if the company says the payback is unwarranted.

Ford Shattering Sunroofs Cause Class-Action Lawsuit
Car Complaints09/23/2016 — By David A. Wood

Owners who have complained about Ford shattering sunroofs have filed a class-action lawsuit alleging the panoramic sunroofs in 16 Ford models can shatter without warning while driving.

Chevy's 2018 Equinox Comes With Mileage-Raising Surprise: A Diesel
The Detroit Bureau09/23/2016 — By Joseph Szczesny

General Motors Co. took the wraps off the 2018 Chevrolet Equinox for the first time and revealed that they plan to offer customers a diesel engine in the next generation compact utility vehicle — one of the industry’s most coveted and competitive segments. Alan Batey, Global Chevrolet president, said GM went all out to insure the next generation Equinox satisfies the desires of a broad swath of customers. The compact SUV segment is now the industry’s single-largest segment surpassing midsized, which was the single most popular vehicle solid in the U.S for nearly three decades.

Transmission Glitch Prompts Hyundai Tucson Recall
Blog: Leftlanenews.com09/23/2016 — By Justin King

Hyundai is preparing to reprogram the transmission control software in the 2016 Tucson.

Holden Prepping Commodore GTS-R W1 With ZR1 Power: Report
Blog: Leftlanenews.com09/23/2016 — By Drew Johnson

Holden, the Australian division of General Motors, could be planning to send its Commodore sedan off with a bang. Reports out of The Land Down Under suggest that Holden will equip the final version of the muscle sedan with the same engine used in the previous-generation Corvette ZR1.

GM Workers Accept Tentative Agreement
Toronto Star09/26/2016 — By The Canadian Press

Unionized workers at General Motors have accepted a new contract with the auto giant. Unifor, which represents the workers, says 64.7 per cent of the members who cast ballots voted in favour of the contract.

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Industry Clips

GM Offers Buyouts to 400 Cadillac Dealers
The Wall Street Journal Online(subscription may be required)09/23/2016 — By Mike Colias and John D. Stoll

General Motors Co. is offering 400 of its smallest Cadillac dealers a modest buyout as the luxury brand's management team looks to reshape the image to better compete with rivals.

Uber to Use Driver Selfies to Enhance Security
USA Today09/24/2016 — By Marco della Cava

Uber rolled out a new feature Friday that requires some drivers to confirm their identities via a selfie photo before each shift. Real-Time ID Check is aimed at both preventing fraudulent use of a driver's account and providing consumers with a greater degree of confidence in the ride-sharing company.

Platinum Version of Ford's Plug-in Fusion is Precious Metal Indeed
Houston Chronicle09/23/2016 — By Jeff Yip

The refreshed 2017 Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid is an engaging, refined daily driver. From a content, technology or price-point perspective, the $39,120 Energi Platinum we sampled lords over Ford's broad 2017 Fusion lineup. Saddled with an eight grand premium over the base Energi SE, the midsized Platinum is precious metal indeed. In many ways, though, the upcharge plugs the Energi solidly into the luxury category.

VW Emissions Inquiry Has Found No Evidence Against Audi CEO: Sources
Reuters News09/23/2016 — By Ilona Wissenbach, Andreas Cremer and Irene Preisinger

Investigators looking into Volkswagen's emissions scandal have found no suspicious facts against the head of luxury car division Audi, three people familiar with the matter said.

Three Reasons the 2018 Chevy Equinox Just Got a Lot Better
AutoBlog.com09/23/2016 — By Greg Migliore

It might have flown under your radar – but there's a new 2018 Chevy Equinox. Fittingly, it was revealed yesterday on the Fall Equinox, but unlike the weather, which remains summer-like across much of the country, Chevy's compact sport utility vehicle is in for a big change.

Review: the Turbocharged Fiat 124 Spider in the UK
Top Gear (UK)09/23/2016 — By Ollie Kew

New, retro in appearance, and bigger. A bit clumsier, perhaps, though that appears to be a European opinion. Americans seem to prefer the Fiat’s butcher features. Anyway, geopolitical minefield sidetepped, there’s a slightly plusher feel inside and Mazda’s zesty naturally aspirated engines have been sent packing.

Ford Says Plunge Into Mobile World Worth Short Profit Slump
Auto Service World09/23/2016 — By Steve Pawlett

Ford Motor Co.’s headlong push into driverless and electric cars will come at a price, with financial results falling next year as it boosts spending on the new products and fixes weaknesses in luxury autos and emerging markets.

2017 Mazda6: What's Changed
Cars.com09/23/2016 — By Rick Popely

All three versions of Mazda's midsize sedan gain standard features for 2017, including G-Vectoring Control steering, which adjusts engine power based on steering position, throttle input and suspension loads for what Mazda says results in sharper steering control. Mazda says all Mazda6 models have better sound insulation as well.

Google’s Self-driving Car Was Today in What Appears to Be Its Worst Accident Yet
9 to 5 Google09/24/2016 — By Stephen Hall

Google’s self-driving cars are no stranger to accidents, but rarely are the autonomous cars at fault and rarely do those accidents cause any significant damage. Today, it seems, may be an exception for the latter case, with one of the Mountain View company’s Lexus self-driving vehicles sustaining major damage in an accident involving a commercial van… As far as we know, this is yet another case where the human — driving what appears to be a commercial van (as you can see being towed in the background) — was at fault.

Ford Introduces Adaptive Steering Technology For Its 2017 Truck Range
Auto Evolution09/23/2016 — By Sebastian Toma

Ford has patented an adaptive steering system that will be available in its range of trucks known as the F-Series Super Duty... The system was launched on the 2016 Ford Edge, but the idea and technology were also implemented for the 2017 model year of Ford’s truck range.